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You’ll discover how to implement the MP5 SALES METHOD, and you’ll see that it’s the only complete sales training on the market with no funnels to go through, no upsells!

About Jeremy Kenerson

I’m THE sales coach.

I’ve been working with small business owners since 2009 and helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs.

I help people overcome the everyday pains of being an entrepreneur, to ensure they have plenty of leads and deals, feel like they have an abundance of time in each day, have marketing funnels that are seamless and perform well, and increase their revenue to bring on extra staff and surround themselves with the best team.

Most importantly, I help business owners discover the exact steps to ensure their success in these areas by eliminating the common mistakes made at a foundational level.

Once you can identify the root cause, you can treat the REAL issue, and thus more effectively and efficiently handle all the symptoms which drive us entrepreneurs nuts.


I’ve developed this method over the course of my 20+ years in sales, as a sales rep, trainer, manager, and leading sales and marketing departments.

As a Sales Coach I’ve discovered that most people who struggle with sales are leaving out 3 to 4 parts that are included in my complete and holistic sales approach which I call the MP5 Sales Method.

The MP5 Sales Method teaches foremost integrity and how to authentically have conversations that lead people to discover on their own that they want to work with you. This creates a much longer-lasting relationship than convincing people to work with you. It’s also nice when people ask you how they can work with you vs. you having to “close them.”

I cover every aspect to be successful…


You need to be in the right frame of mind, with confidence, and no limiting beliefs


You need to master the numbers game, use technology, and manage your time


There are things we do over and over, and we need to do them out of habit, and sound polished and professional when we do them.


A conversation should flow and lead people down the path where they discover for themselves that they want to do business with you.


This is where the rubber meets the road, how you approach the close and how you handle what happens next to ensure you close more deals.


PERFECT practice, makes perfect, and the only way to practice perfectly is to practice with your mentor. This is the finishing touch that leads people to change their businesses.



Are you ready to Level Up your business?

Ready to have REAL Breakthroughs with measurable results?

Start by picking a step below and I’ll help you find the right starting path for you.


5 Reasons Businesses DO NOT Consistently Generate High-Quality Leads

One of the most important ways you can close more deals is by having a reliable and predictable lead source. The problem is marketing has changed dramatically of the last few years, and the most popular marketing strategies have been losing their effectiveness. I wrote this eBook to help show you what has changed and what you should be doing to stay ahead of the curve and your competition to maximize your revenues and hit your big hairy audacious goals. 


5 Reasons Businesses DON’T Close More Sales

There are probably many reasons, and probably some combination of reasons, as to why you are not closing as many deals as you should. Don’t worry; it is not your fault. But, it’s what you do with the information in this book, after you read it, that will be your responsibility. You’ll be able to make sure you are not making these mistakes and you’ll learn what you can do close more deals without feeling salesy and keeping your integrity intact.


Top 5 Secrets To Scale Your Business Without Frustration

If it’s one thing I’ve learn over the years is that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it wasn’t built by one person. As entrepreneurs we wear many different hats and some of those hats are not our strong suits, nor do we like to do some of them even if we are good at them, and others we just shouldn’t be spending our valuable time doing. When I think of having a fine oiled machine that I call my business I think of operations. Knowing and outlining my processes and having systems for automation and the right team members in place to help us reach our goals. That is easier said than done so I wrote this eBook to help you get on track and avoid the pitfalls I made and most entrepreneurs make when growing their businesses.

What You Deal With

Are you an entrepreneur that is ready to take your business to the next level, but…

What I Do (I can help)

If you are feeling this way, then fear not, there is usually a root cause to these symptoms.

What’s the Difference

I don’t just teach you technology and theory. I teach…

The great dividing line between success and failure can be expressed in five words:

"I Did Not Have Time"

~ Franklin Field


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To Get Started Download My FREE eBook: “Top 5 Secrets To Scale Your Business Without Frustration”


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