How to Become a High Ticket Closer

A rollercoaster ride resembling the ups and down of your business to become a high ticket closer

I’m sure you can relate to the emotional rollercoaster you are on in running your own business.

Sometimes you have wild success.
Sometimes it dips down.

And you are kind of on this up and down rollercoaster, and you don’t know why.

What I’m going to go over today will give you a new perspective or a reframed perspective to help you get back on the up and up and become a high ticket closer. 

How To Become A High Ticket Closer

There are four pillars that are fundamental in becoming a high ticket closer. They’re so important, and they’re necessary to do in order.

So many people that I’ve talked to are doing them out of order, and they’re wondering why they’re struggling so much. They feel like they’re running through quicksand trying to get to their goals.

Every time you take two steps forward, you take two steps back. Have you ever felt that way? I know I have, and it’s not a good feeling.


#1 Pillar to Become a High Ticket Closer: Mindset

This pillar is probably the most important. And the reason I say that is because if you don’t have this one down, no matter what you do in the other pillars, you are going to struggle.



Because business is heart. 

If someone told you how hard your business was going to be before you started, you probably would have had second thoughts about even starting in the first place.

Due to things being so hard, we have to be mentally tough. And that’s why mindset is the first pillar in becoming a high ticket closer.

Things are going to happen in your business. Some things have already happened in your business, and in your life that makes you want to throw in the towel. 

Do you know what I mean?

You need to have the mindset to help you, not just get through those hard times. But you also need to be successful at each of the next pillars.

I want to reassure you that this mindset I’m talking about is not some cookie mumbo jumbo. It’s pretty standard, and it’s imperative because our mind is everything.


You are your own worst enemy.

I think that saying comes from the fact that our brain is wired to prevent us from feeling pain. Back in the caveman days, a lion would come. Our minds wouldn’t think. We would run (fight or flight).

What are we doing right now? We’re not fighting a lion. But we are still running. We’re running as fast as we can.

When we’re really little, if we stick our hand in the fire at a campfire, we don’t have to think, we react. Ooh, that hurts, I better move my hand immediately. And then we’re like, wow, that hurt I shouldn’t do that again.

Our minds are always wired this way. When we’re running our businesses, our mind is trying to prevent us from feeling pain. It tricks us, and that’s why it’s our own worst enemy. We have to learn to overcome it.


How can you defeat this enemy?

I always go to the one thing people don’t think about- feeling uncomfortable. It is a kind of pain. We don’t like to feel uncomfortable.

So because our brain recognizes it as pain, it does everything it can to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable. But the thing is, you probably already know this, that if you want to grow, you have to be uncomfortable.


Here’s an analogy.

A lobster grows inside its shell and gets so uncomfortable inside that it gets super vulnerable in the ocean filled with killers and sheds it. 

Then the lobster hides under a rock or something.

I don’t know I’m not a Marine biologist, but they hide under something, so they don’t get eaten. Then they can grow a bigger shell and feel comfortable again.

As they keep growing, they again begin feeling uncomfortable until finally, they’re like, I can’t take it anymore. Once again, the lobster gets vulnerable and sheds its shell. 

This process repeats until they become a huge main lobster on your dinner plate one day.


Getting Uncomfortable

This is how we grow, as well. We only grow when we get uncomfortable. Our brain is telling us a hundred times a day, not to do certain things because it makes you feel uncomfortable. So you have to beat your mind.

The only way to do that is to reprogram it and understand how it works to overcome it.

Because we constantly have…

  • Self-doubts
  • Fear
  • Limiting beliefs

And ask ourselves…

  • If I do this, is it going pay off?
  • Am I going to be able to pay my bills?
  • What if it doesn’t work?

These things prevent us from being able to step out there and do what we can do on a larger scale. And then, of course, we have tons of emotions running wild as we’re running our businesses and dealing with everything. We have to be able to overcome, reprogram, or trick our brain to grow our business.


So it’s kind of like this…

You need to do something that’s going to help you grow your business, but your brain is like:

 “Ooh, I shouldn’t call that guy because it’s dinner time,” 


“I’m not going to reach out to this list of people because they’re going to think that I’m just out for myself.”

I’m sure you can think of many times where you think, “I’m not going to do _____ because of _____.”

Reaching out to people is uncomfortable, right? But it’s something that you need to do to grow your business and become a high ticket closer. 

And that’s just one example.

There are tons of things that you need to do that are uncomfortable, and our brain tricks you into not doing it.


Take action

“I’ll do it tomorrow; I’ll do it tomorrow.” 

We end up creating a list of to-do’s, and we end up doing all these tiny things that keep us busy. These things make us feel like we’re doing something. 

I accomplished something today. I look at the list I got done, but they’re not the things that are helping us move the needle inside of our business.

And that’s why mindset is the most crucial pillar of becoming a high ticket closer and having a highly profitable coaching business. 

If you don’t have that under control, nothing you do in the other pillars will help you reach the goals you’re trying to achieve.


#2 Pillar to Become a High Ticket Closer: Sales

Now the second pillar, this one I geek out on, it’s sales. 

I put this as number two because sales are the most important part of your business. It’s the most critical skill that you need to learn because if you can’t take a prospect or a lead and convert that into revenue, your business is going to fail.

Revenue is the lifeblood of your business. And if you don’t have that, you don’t have a business. You need to know how to convert people into customers.

Sell Yourself

This skill goes far beyond that. Because no matter how big you get, whether you have a sales team, you’re always selling. 

No matter what you’re doing, the relationships that you’re building are all about selling yourself.

And I think that’s why Robert Kiyosaki said that sales is the number one thing. It’s not about selling your product. It’s about selling yourself. 

I just heard someone the other day say, “You think Jeff Bezos isn’t in the meeting room, the conference room, and in on some of the biggest deals Amazon is doing?” 

He’s always selling; it’s the key. That’s why it’s the second pillar.


Sales is not a dirty word

Most people get a little freaked out around sales. They think it’s a dirty word. They don’t want to feel like that used car salesman. 

And trust me, you don’t have to.

There’s a way of selling; I call it the conversational dance, and it’s simple. 

I’m not going to get into it now, but it’s effortless. It’s just like having a conversation with a friend; basically, it’s like a dance because you have two people. 

One person is leading (you as the salesperson), and you’re directing the conversation, and it is flowing like a dance.

It’s not like an interrogation where you’re just asking a list of questions like, “Do you qualify to be my perfect client?” Nobody acts like that.

The sales conversation just needs to be a nice flow. During that flow, the prospect can have their own aha moment when they discover that what you have to offer is what they need, what they need, and that they want to work with you.


The Conversational Dance

If the prospect has that aha moment themselves without you having to convince or manipulate them, you don’t feel salesy. 

Also, you have a person that is not going to get buyer’s remorse. They’re going to be a long-lasting client if you can have a conversational dance.

The conversational dance is something I teach in my MP Five Sales Method. It is a holistic method because there is an art and a science to sales.

There’s a lot of different tools, technology, systems, processes, procedures, and of course, you need to have that conversational dance and close people to be that high ticket closer. 

Then, of course, you have got to practice because practice makes perfect.


#3 Pillar to Become a High Ticket Closer: Marketing

So far, we’ve covered mindset and sales as the two pillars. The next one is marketing. Most people think of marketing first because you have to generate the lead in order to sell the lead.

But I put sales first because if you don’t understand persuasion, how can you write compelling marketing content that’s going to take people out there on the interwebs and convert them into a lead in the first place?

You have to understand sales to write compelling marketing content.



Now I’m not going to go into a bunch of different strategies and things like that. I want you to understand and get the mindset of being revenue-focused.

I just spoke with a client the other day, and he was like, “Oh my God, that was like an aha moment I had in this conversation, being revenue-focused instead of systems focused.”

He was so busy building and getting a system that: 

  • Looked right
  • Flowed right
  • Connected right

He had this nice funnel with his course and thought everything was going to work.

You can end up spending months and months and then launching that, and nobody buys it because you didn’t test the market in the first place.


How to be revenue-focused?

You have to be revenue-focused, but what do I mean by that? 

Ask yourself…

“Is what I’m doing right now, something that’s going to move the needle inside of my business?” 


“Is it just a task that needs to get done?”

I do a lot of talking about time management and how to maximize that time and get it shifted into revenue. So I’m not going to spend too much time on that right now, but I really want you to be revenue-focused. 

Is what you’re doing right now going to help you move the needle towards becoming a high ticket closer?

One of the breakthroughs I had was breaking that down on a more granular level where I was more lead focused. 

How can I become more lead focused in my business? It’s one thing to go, okay, this is going to generate revenue. Cool, that’s a great idea. If I don’t have leads, then I don’t have anybody to sell, so I don’t have revenue.

Instead of just focusing on revenue, going to focus on leads, what can I do to get a predictable lead source where I have a predictable number of leads coming in every month?

When you can get a predictable lead source (know the average x amount of leads per month), then with the closing percentage, you can predict what revenue you’re going to make every single month. If you can predict what revenue you’re going to make every single month, then you’re going to be able to plan your business way more effectively.

That’s right. You’re going to be able to say, “Hey, I can take this and invest in this system. Or I can invest in this software. I can hire this person. Or I can do those things.”


The order matters

If you’re lead focused in your marketing, that’s going to allow you to move into the fourth pillar. Pillar 4 is operations which I consider as processes, systems, and people.

I see so many people doing it backwards. They start doing the operational part of their business first. They think if they have this setup, have this created, and it works perfectly; then you build it.

Then, they will come just like in the movie with Kevin Costner called Field of Dreams. That’s just not the case.

I can tell you from my faults that I’ve built 16 businesses, and four of them have ever made a significant amount of money. Probably like six of them only made a value of a dollar.

The point is I would build it first, backward just like most people do, then I would launch it, and I got crickets. No one would buy it. Why?

Because I didn’t test the market to see if the market actually wanted to buy it. That’s why it’s vital to be lead and revenue-focused so that you can go out there and test the market.

Ask yourself: Can I actually generate leads for this thing that I’m doing for this service that I’m providing, and do people actually want it?


#4 Pillar to Become a High Ticket Closer: Operations

You’ve got the right mindset, are skilled in converting people into customers, and you have a predictable lead source. Now you can start investing in the business.

You can look at your processes and figure out how you can automate and duplicate the people inside of my business. Automating processes will help you save time and create a better user experience for your clients. 

What systems can you use to make that a possibility? 

What systems do you need to set up to automate some of the processes that you’re doing?


Team Members

Then, of course, you need team members, but not just anybody. You need the right team members that are going to help you grow. Look for people that are self-motivated and take the initiative.

You want your team to have your end goal in mind. One of the tricks to that is finding out what your core values are and hiring based on those core values. If your team has your same core values, you guys will be running at the same speed and towards the same target.

Otherwise, you’re going to have people that you’re trying to drag along with you, which is not fun. 

It’s a waste of 

  • Time
  • Money
  • Energy 

You want to have the right team members, whether they’re employees, contractors, VAs, or outsourced employees. When you have that team built up, they will help you scale.

Combining all 4 Pillars to Scale Your Coaching Business and Become a High Ticket Closer

When you have all four of these pillars in place: 

  • Mindset
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Operations

You’re going to be able to scale your business. What’s really cool is when you have those things in place, things start evolving.

You’re able to create different products that save you more time and allow you to reach more people and help more people. 

You want to help more people. So don’t do what I did. Build in the right order. Get your four pillars in place.

If you know you are out of order, make sure you go back in and do them in order to make sure you can get the right mindset. There are many resources to help you get the right mindset (coaches, books, and blogs). The same goes for sales and marketing.

Operations are the key to scaling. And that’s one of the places I geek out on cause I’m very process oriented. I love building that.

If you have noticed that you’re out of order, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. You can always go back and go to one of the pillars and build them up. Don’t worry about what you’re doing is wrong. I’ve done it 16 times. 

There are so many different strategies people are teaching. We’re all kind of grasping for straws to figure out the “silver bullet.” It is really just about getting back to the basics.


Back to Basics

It’s as simple as getting back to the fundamentals. That’s what my mentor told me about 18 years ago when I was one of the top sales reps and my numbers started dipping down.

He was listening to my phone calls, and he was like, “Jeremy, this doesn’t sound anything like what you were saying when you were crushing it. Like what changed?” I was like, “I don’t know.” I thought I was doing the same thing over and over again.

I had a pitch that was converting and crushing it. 

Over time I’d have conversations. I think I would learn something new and apply it. Then again, learn something new and apply it as well. 

Months down the road, and it was like my whole process had changed cause I kept changing without even knowing it.

My mentor said I needed to get back to the basics. Sometimes we don’t recognize it, and we don’t do it, and we continue to struggle.

This is me personally reminding you to get back to the basics with these 4 pillars to become a high ticket closer and have a highly profitable coaching business. Reach out if you would like some help with this!

Group of entrepreneurs learning about sales with text overlay How to Become a High Ticket Closer

Jeremy Kenerson

Jeremy Kenerson

I help people overcome the everyday pains of being an entrepreneur, to ensure they have plenty of leads and deals, feel like they have an abundance of time in each day, have marketing funnels that are seamless and perform well, and increase their revenue to bring on extra staff and surround themselves with the best team.
Jeremy Kenerson

Jeremy Kenerson

I help people overcome the everyday pains of being an entrepreneur, to ensure they have plenty of leads and deals, feel like they have an abundance of time in each day, have marketing funnels that are seamless and perform well, and increase their revenue to bring on extra staff and surround themselves with the best team.

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